Trusts, Wills, and Estates

Thoughtful and creative solutions as well as effective planning are the trademarks of the counselors and attorneys at Wong and Carter, PC. Such are also necessary components to navigating today’s complex and often confusing probate and associated tax laws. Protecting and preserving your assets for future generations is always important, but often times requires the guidance and skill of a legal professional knowledgeable in trusts, wills and estates and associated practice areas as well as strategies that effectively address sometimes sensitive interpersonal and family issues which might

otherwise pose barriers to effective planning. You will find such professionals, eager to be of service, at Wong and Carter, PC.

In the event probate proceedings or litigation becomes necessary, Wong and Carter, PC is likewise prepared to assist. With attorneys intimately familiar with probate laws and procedures accompanied and assisted by the accomplished litigation team at Wong and Carter, PC, you will always receive the highest quality service. At Wong and Carter, PC, we value your trust and confidence when called upon to provide any of the services described below.

  • Estate Planning

  • Trust Formation and Administration

  • Wills

  • Probate Proceedings and Related Litigation

  • Non-probate Transfers