Wong and Carter, PC was founded by well-known and prominent Arizona attorneys in response to today’s dynamic and complex business culture, fast paced society and global economy. Certainly, attorney-client relationships dominated by exorbitant fees, marginal results and tasks leveraged to inexperienced or unskilled lawyers are no longer capable of providing even the most basic support necessary for businesses and individuals to navigate our ever-increasingly complex world. Rather, the Shareholders at Wong and Carter, PC personally attend to and oversee all matters, large or small, and consider each and every one of the Firm’s many and diverse clients a valued asset and partner. At Wong and Carter, PC our clients’ success is our success and we understand and appreciate the trust and confidence placed in us by all of our clientele; a trust and confidence our attorneys strive always to fulfill. This personal attention and hands-on approach by the Firm’s most experienced attorneys is complemented by a rate structure that allows collaborating with Wong and Carter, PC to be not only cost effective but also consistent with a long term relationship and ongoing access to the Firm’s services. At Wong and Carter, PC we build relationships, not receivables, and we are always looking to foster life-long and mutually beneficial relationships through the delivery of the highest quality services and the realization of our clients’ success. The challenges of the new century demand new, cost effective and goal oriented strategies implemented by skilled and proven counselors and attorneys; strategies Wong and Carter, PC was built to provide.

The Attorneys at Wong and Carter, PC are all experienced and capable of providing sophisticated legal advice and assistance in a wide variety of practice areas, including, among others, corporate/business law, commercial transactions, civil litigation/trials, real estate law, construction support services, arbitration/mediation, employment law, personal injury/wrongful death, professional boards, administrative law, criminal law as well as trusts, wills and estates. The Firm’s attorneys, highly skilled and experienced in a number of practice areas, provide the clients of Wong and Carter, PC with a one-firm tool for addressing most, if not all, of their legal needs in an intimate, small firm environment.

Wong and Carter, PC is located in Phoenix, allowing the Firm to serve clients throughout the southwest. Wong and Carter, PC has Attorneys and support staff proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, and Portuguese. Wong and Carter, PC regularly provides legal support services for clients throughout Asia and the Pacific.

When choosing a law firm, it is important to know that your matter will be attended to by skilled and experienced attorneys knowledgeable and accomplished in their fields of practice. Choose Wong and Carter, PC…Because Experience Matters.